Founded by a photographer who is passionate about documenting motherhood, family connections, and the innocence of childhood, Simply You Photography was created to fill a niche which better caters to busy moms and families. 

Hello!  I am Taylor, the creative force behind Simply You Photography.  I believe that a real barrier exists in getting photos taken, and my business exists to lighten that burden for you.

Think about it:  how many times have you felt overwhelmed with figuring out what to wear, or how to coordinate your family's wardrobe for your photos?  Or simply being too critical or photos of yourself and wishing someone would swoop in and help you figure it all out? 

That's why all of my family and maternity sessions include access to the studio wardrobe.  You can stop by the studio at your convenience and "shop" the studio wardrobe.  Or if you're needing help with shopping on your own, I am here to help you with that as well.  Being a client of Simply You Photography also means that you gain access to an in-house hair stylist and makeup artist.  Show up in your pajama pants and yesterday's hair, and we will get you taken care of!


--I have lived in Northern Kentucky my entire life.  This is home.

-- I fell in love with photography in 2006, shortly after I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life.

-- My husband and I have four young children and one beagle/basset rescue.  Our house is kind of crazy sometimes. :)

-- I work on a part-time basis as a clinical psychologist, and have been practicing psychology since 2010.  Understanding people as a psychologist has made my job as a photographer much easier :)

-- I adore farmer's markets, getting lost in bookstores for hours on end, and going on picnics with my family.

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