Brennan's Newborn Portraits

This big guy came into the studio weighing over 9 pounds!  Mama wondered whether his hefty frame would accommodate all of the posing, but I wasn't concerned at all.  He posed like a champ and seemed to love every minute of it!

newborn baby boy black and white photo

Usually how a baby does in my first couple of poses gives me an idea of how well they will tolerate the session.  This isn't necessarily always the case, but a lot of times if a baby is having a hard time right off the bat, it will tell me to work a little more slowly or give me some clues about what they will need so that they are happy and comfortable.  There was zero concern of this baby being anything less than super happy during his portraits!

newborn baby boy taco pose

This pose, affectionately called "taco," is one of my favorites.

newborn baby boy in taco pose black and white

I love that they are all squished up, and I love that you can see their little toes.

newborn baby boy froggy pose

Look at those cheeks!

newborn baby boy in froggy pose side view

This was my favorite photo from his whole shoot.

baby boy newborn photo

All tucked in :)

newborn baby tucked in pose

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