Cincinnati Hospital Birth Photos | Stacie

I had the privilege of going to the hospital to photograph the birth of my client's third child.  These sessions are some of my favorite--there is so much anticipation and emotion and being there to document the birth of new life is so amazing!  

This baby's gender was a surprise, so as you can imagine, there was plenty of excitement waiting for her to be born.  And for this family with #1 and #2 being boys, imagine their excitement when the baby came out and they heard the doctor announce, "it's a girl!!"  

hospital birth photos

I definitely shed a tear or two and the nurse teased me about it :)  But come on...look at the pride on Dad's face and the joy on Mom's face--how could you not cry?!

And seeing family members come to meet their first granddaughter was another tear jerker moment.  Look at Grandma meeting her first granddaughter....

hospital birth family photo
hospital birth photo grandmother