Mother and Child Photos

Motherhood photography makes my heart sing for so many reasons.  Witnessing the love between mother and child feels like such a privilege, and it is!  Documenting the unique way your child clings to you, how he smiles at you, the nose nuzzles and kisses, the sweet giggles and laughter--it all makes my heart swell.  These are the types of photos that I myself love to have with my own children.

What makes me sad, however, is how very infrequently we as mothers get in photos with our kids.  Getting moms into the frame can be tough, although I always try to persuade them.  And the thing is, I understand why we avoid it.  It feels like a hassle.  I need to lose 10 pounds first.  I need to find cute clothes to wear but don't have time to figure all of that out right now, and so on and so on.  I'm right there with you.  I've had these same thoughts each time I've thought about hiring someone for my own photos.

This is why I make it my personal mission to remove those barriers so that you CAN get in these precious photos with your children.  I believe that these photos are so important.  Children grow up so quickly, and what they look like tomorrow is going to be different than what they look like today.  Did you take that part in just now?  Your child will be a different person tomorrow than he or she is today.  Bittersweet, right?!  This little boy is 4-months-old.  They change so quickly at this stage.  It's all so fleeting.

This particular family resides over an hour from my studio! It felt like such a huge honor to capture these photos for her.  So she arrived with her sweet baby boy, we went through clothing options, selected favorites, and she tried on a few things.  Then my hairstylist arrived and did her hair, and from there, we went on to photographing she and her baby.  (and also got some sweet individual photos of her little man!)


This sweet baby boy will have photos forever which memorialize just how enamored his Mommy is with him.  You can see it all over her face.

A mother's love is endless, it is fierce, and it is all encompassing.

four month old baby boy
mom and baby
mom and baby photo
baby boy with mom
baby and mom photo
love of a mother
hold them close
mommy and son

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog.  I hope these images you see here and on the website give you a glimpse of what you receive when you commission me to be your Cincinnati child and family photographer.  And if you're not sure and are still deciding on options, come and see me!  I would be happy to have you in the studio and walk you through a consultation to see if I am a good match for you.  All of my sessions include hair and makeup for mamas, and a carefully curated wardrobe of beautiful clothing for you and your family to select for your photo session.  

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