Simple, pure, and gorgeous artwork for your home

glass box with glass usb drive and photo proofs

Of course, one of my favorite parts about being a photographer is delivering the end product.  What you commissioned me to do for you--give you your beautiful products--is super exciting.  A big part of that, for me, is providing luxurious products and gifts which engage your senses:  a lovely candle, a linen pouch filled with fresh lavender, an actual box filled with your photo proofs tied up with lovely raw silk ribbon, and other exclusive gifts.  And of course, your USB drive with your images.

But this glass USB, while gorgeous, is not the end goal of your experience with me.

Don't get me wrong...I'm thrilled to offer digital files to my clients for safekeeping of your images. You won't ever hear me say that I am opposed to providing digitals to my clients.  I'm not.  I love that we have digitals to save (and backup backup backup, right?!) so that if, God forbid, something happens to our printed memories, we can have access to the files to be able to reprint.

But that's just it:  it's a backup purpose.  The USB is not THE purpose.

We never want to think about having something bad happen to our portraits, but damaged products happen all the time, and I can think of an example with a client of mine.  Unfortunately, an accident happened in her home and her framed product was badly damaged.  We were able to repair the frame for her, and reprint the beloved mounted photo so that it could resume its place on her wall.  But can you imagine not having that access?  Yikes.

At the same time, I feel just as sad when a client gets all of their files on a USB but doesn't print anything.  This can happen for so many different reasons...

What about when you need help visualizing what a display will look like on your walls, and it's overwhelming to figure that out on your own?

What about when you don't know which photos from your session should be enlarged?  And what sizes would be best in which room?  Or whether an album might be better? 

And then figuring out the next to impossible task of where to order your photos from.  As I'll talk about in a later post, there are so many bad consumer labs which aren't my recommended vendors for enlargements.  

It all boils down to stress and time.  We're all busy, and getting around to designing, printing, and hanging, it's a BOTHER.

Being a full-service photography studio means I am thrilled to help you with all of this.  It is just all part of my service.

The love and beauty in your family deserves to be displayed in your home, not hidden on a thumb drive.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog.  I hope these images you see here and on the website give you a glimpse of what you receive when you commission me to be your child and family photographer.  And if you're not sure and are still deciding on options, come and see me!  I would be happy to have you in the studio and walk you through a consultation to see if I am a good match for you.  All of my sessions include hair and makeup for mamas, and a carefully curated wardrobe of beautiful clothing for you and your family to select for your photo session.  

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