What to wear for your photo session?!

what to wear for photos boys gray suspender pants and vest

Who here feels their blood pressure rise thinking about finding and buying that perfect outfit for your family? Who dreads even scheduling photos because, well, it's a nightmare trying to find exactly what you are needing?  I will admit that this was me years ago.  Yep.  I would put off scheduling photos and put it off and put it off and then, UGH...I guess I will schedule something, I'd huff to myself.  Then the frenzy began to find clothing that would all coordinate and photograph well.  And of course, I'd order multiple things because I wasn't sure what would look best, so then there was the inevitable having to return everything to the store, which was a nightmare.  I HATED every second of it.  HATED it.

Of course, it doesn't help that one year (2012, to be exact) --and this is before I opened my business, I had photos done that I now hate.  I could have used a lot of help in figuring out how to dress all of us, but that help just wasn't available.  BOO :(

Guess what?!  I have good news for you, my friend.  I've taken care of this headache for you. Did you know that my studio offers complimentary styling? Meaning you don't have to fuss with figuring out how to dress everyone--come over and borrow from the studio closet. Or if you have something in mind that you've already purchased and need help figuring out the rest, I'm here to help!  This takes away all the stress of shopping for that perfect outfit. Figuring out what to wear is such a huge barrier for photography.  And because I know which tones and patterns and styles photograph best, it's easy for me to put it all together for you.  So that's what I do!

And this particular vest and pants set photographed above is here in the studio closet in several sizes :)  It's simple and sweet and adorable.

Can't wait to share more new recent additions I just photographed, including some frilly girls dresses, feminine dresses for mamas, and dapper boy clothes. 

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog.  I hope these images you see here and on the website give you a glimpse of what you receive when you commission me to be your child and family photographer.  And if you're not sure and are still deciding on options, come and see me!  I would be happy to have you in the studio and walk you through a consultation to see if I am a good match for you.  All of my sessions include hair and makeup for mamas, and a carefully curated wardrobe of beautiful clothing for you and your family to select for your photo session.  

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